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Kova Engineering South Ltd. takes pride in our role within the industries we conduct our business. We believe our reputation is only as good as the last project we complete.  This tenant, combined with always putting Alberta projects and hard work first, has mutually benefited both Kova South and its customers.

Linemaster Robotic Arm

From conception to application we have been involved in the structural design for various models of extendable and rotatable linearms.


Antenna Dome Lifting Frame

We were retained to provide professional consultation on the risks associated with hoisting a 40’ diameter fiberglass dome and ways to mitigate the risks via special lifting techniques and equipment.


Boom Failure

Following a catastrophic boom failure of a 55 ton Grove Rough Terrain crane, Kova Engineering South Ltd. was called to perform an accident investigation to determine the root cause of boom failure.


50 Ton Riveted Bridge Crane

We were requested to perform a capacity design review, and advise whether sufficient reserve bridge capacity was available for an upcoming over capacity lift the client required approval for.


Iron Truck Lifting Racks

A Calgary based oilfield equipment manufacturing company requested Kova Engineering South Ltd. to assist their design team by providing quality control…


Tower Cranes

Annual inspection and certification of two 64 tonne capacity Favelle Favco luffing tower cranes erected on a major capital building project in downtown Calgary.


Forklift Attached Lifting Pole

A local customer required a design of a forklift attached pole assembly to accommodate longer product.


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Kova Engineering South

Kova Engineering South Ltd. is a specialized inspection and engineering consulting company in the crane and lift equipment industry. We are currently licensed to practice engineering in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Calgary Office

6939 - 48th Street SE, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2C 5A4
Phone: 403.258.0484
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Red Deer Office

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