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Equipment Inspection & Certification

Load bearing structures of Cranes and Lift Equipment are subjected to dynamic “cyclic” loading during normal service, and as well subjected to abnormal loading events that go unreported more often than one would expect.  Each of the above loading scenarios can lead to structural damage and lessen the ability of equipment to safely work at manufactured rated capacities.  The general equipment types that Kova Engineering South Ltd. routinely provides inspection and engineering certification services for are as follows:

Lifting Equipment

  • Tower cranes, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, portal cranes, overhead traveling cranes, rail cranes, aerial manlifts, aerial fire truck equipment, elevators, forklift trucks, material handling equipment, spreader bars, below-the-hook lifting devices, and manbaskets
  • All inspections are performed referencing the requirements of governing codes and legislation

Oil Field Equipment

  • Drilling and service rigs, flush-by rigs, sub-structures, derrick structures
  • All inspections are performed referencing the requirements of CAODC and API standards


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Kova Engineering South

Kova Engineering South Ltd. is a specialized inspection and engineering consulting company in the crane and lift equipment industry. We are currently licensed to practice engineering in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Calgary Office

6939 - 48th Street SE, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2C 5A4
Phone: 403.258.0484
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Red Deer Office

Phone: 403.373.5682
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