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Welcome to Kova Engineering South Ltd.

Kova Engineering South Ltd. is a specialized inspection and engineering consulting company in the Crane and Lift Equipment Industry.  With over 25 years of providing committed service to our territory of Southern Alberta and South Eastern BC, we have accumulated significant equipment knowledge and procedural resources specific to cranes and lift equipment. It is why we are revered as industry leaders in our field.

Our qualified staff of engineers, technicians and technologists provide reliable and timely service and are accustomed to meeting strict project deadlines and schedules.  All equipment inspections, certifications, and design work are completed with commitment to safety, quality assurance, and strict adherence to industry standards.

Certification documents are prepared to satisfy your local provincial or legislative authority.

Featured Services

Equipment Inspection & Certification
Inspections are completed to evaluate equipment structural condition and upon completion of any required repairs the structural suitability of the equipment for continued service is validated through issuance of an Engineering Certificate.

Stability and Proof Load Testing
Stability load testing is completed to evaluate overturning resistance of mobile cranes or aerial lifts to manufacturer and standardized limits. Proof load testing in contrast is typically a static pull test and considered complimentary testing to provide lower level of structural assurances than what has already been established through engineering calculations.

Kova Engineering South Ltd Engineers have extensive experience with crane and lift equipment certification and design, and in providing repair and/or rebuild direction for varying scales of structural damage.  When even the most severe equipment damage has occurred we will arrive at the most practical, efficient, and cost effective approach.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Our qualified field technicians use a variety of non-destructive test methods while inspecting and evaluating the structural condition of equipment.  Our NDT staff is well trained and supported by our experienced leaders.

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Kova Engineering South

Kova Engineering South Ltd. is a specialized inspection and engineering consulting company in the crane and lift equipment industry. We are currently licensed to practice engineering in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Calgary Office

6939 - 48th Street SE, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2C 5A4
Phone: 403.258.0484
Fax: 403.258.2854

Red Deer Office

Phone: 403.373.5682
Fax: 403.346.2122