Tower Cranes

Of the many erected tower crane inspections and certifications completed by Kova Engineering South Ltd. annually, one notable major capital building project in downtown Calgary included 3 large tonnage luffing tower cranes: Two 64 tonne Favelle Favco cranes and one 32 tonne Potain crane that were erected onsite for more than 3 years.

Kova Engineering South Ltd. completed inspections on all structural components of these cranes prior to assembly and then annually or as needed while erected for the duration of the project .  The erected inspections included Ultrasonic Testing of 682 pins and bolt fasteners per Favelle Favco Crane.

Due to the size and placement of the cranes, many of the crane components were only accessible for inspection using a manbasket suspended from the adjacent tower crane.  At the later stages of building construction, our inspections were completed at 1,100 feet above street level.


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